Talmud Torah Society Registration

Thank you for your interest in Talmud Torah K-6  School. We offer an alternate program for kindergarten through grade 6 children that is focused on cultural understanding, academic prowess, and inclusive relationships. 

Becoming a registered member of the TTS is essential for all parents of children at Talmud Torah School. Information on how to register and complete your child's enrolment are outlined below.

How to Register With Talmud Torah Society

Complete the following to register your child at Talmud Torah School.
Complete the Talmud Torah Society’s online Fee Registration form. One form per family, regardless of age.
For families with children in Grade 1 to Grade 6, you MUST register with the Edmonton Public School Board.
Families requiring financial assistance for (K-6) should apply for funding through the Jewish Federation of Edmonton’s Integrated Bursary program (IBP).

Talmud Torah Society FEES

Fees & Contribution Payments are *tax deductible*.


This is a morning program only. Childcare options are available.

Society Fees:
First Child Annual Fee:
($323.50 / month)

Additional Children Annual Fee: $2,980
($298 / month)

View Childcare options here

Grade 1 - 6

Society Fees:
First Child: $4,780
($478 /month)

Additional Children: $4,215
($421.50 / month)

Payment Options


*Credit card payment policy: 3% charge will be added to your monthly fee.


Pay online directly through your bank or complete our EFT forms for automatic payments.


*Payable to “Edmonton Talmud Torah”

Have Questions? Contact Us

Talmud Torah Society Office

Talmud Torah School Office

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Alternative program within EPSB and what is the role of a Society (like TTS) in an alternative program?

Talmud Torah School is an Alternative program within EPSB. Section 19 of the Education Act defines alternative programs as education programs that emphasize a particular language, culture, religion, or subject matter or use a particular teaching philosophy. 

Societies affiliated with alternative schools are encouraged to provide advice and input to school administrators, central services, and EPSB on matters related to the program as a whole. Consultation can occur in both formal and informal ways, i.e. meetings, phone calls, committee involvement, involvement with interviews, etc. Areas in which EPSB and the Society may consult include: 

  • Nature, content, and intent of the program. 
  • Staffing of the program, including the appointment of principals. 
  • Other issues of significance to the entire program. 

Under section 19 of the Education Act, Societies may also charge fees related to the delivery of their alternative programs. 

“Having a pluralistic non-denominational school that ensures immersion in Jewish education and Judaic values is fundamental to the future of our community. Talmud Torah has been a pillar of our community for over 100 years. The Society ensures that the foundations of a strong Jewish identity and involvement in the greater Jewish community are in place."
-Stacey Leavitt-Wright, 
CEO Jewish Federation of Edmonton

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