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As per the Memorandum of Understanding, Edmonton Public Schools provides the Hebrew Bilingual program. Beyond the program provided by the Edmonton Public Schools Board of Trustees, TTS provides a program of religious instruction and Hebrew language studies integrated into some of the Alberta programs of study offered at Talmud Torah School. To offer some Judaic, Hebrew and enrichment programs to students at Talmud Torah School, TTS charges a fee.

Talmud Torah Society FEES

See "What do the Talmud Torah Society fees go toward" in the Frequently Asked Questions below.
Talmud Torah Society fosters an inclusive place of learning and community rooted in Jewish history, traditions, and values. We promote high pedagogical and academic standards in Judaic and Hebrew Studies, while meeting the academic needs of individual students. The Talmud Torah School is operated in partnership between the Talmud Torah Society and the Edmonton Public School Board as an alternative program. As such, the school receives funding per the typical EPSB funding model which is intended to provide the comparable program offered throughout all EPSB schools.

The alternative program we offer is supported by fees that cover the cost to operate the Society, top-up minutes and educational costs to EPSB to deliver the alternative program, as well as support supplies and celebrations related to our alternative program. Without these fees, it would be impossible to continue to deliver our program.
Tuition Rates

Financial Aid

The Talmud Torah Society believes that no member of the Jewish community should be denied access to Jewish education because of cost. With the support of the Jewish Federation of Edmonton and their Integrated Bursary Program (IBP), families are provided a dignified, anonymous, effective and fair opportunity to make Jewish life more affordable. Families that do not have the resources to pay full fees are welcome to apply for the Integrated Bursary Program.
Learn More About IBP

Payment Options

Automatic Withrawals

You may set up recurring, monthly payments or a one-time automatic withdrawal payment with the TTS.


10 monthly installments via post-dated cheques, each dated the 1st of the month from September 1 to June 1, payable to "Edmonton Talmud Torah Society."


*Credit card payment policy: 3% charge will be added to your monthly fee.

In-Person Cash Payments

You may pay the total annual fee by way of cash or the 10-monthly installments on the 1st of each month starting on September 1 and ending on June 1.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Talmud Torah Society fees go towards?

Note: The fees are based on the average of first child, additional children, and Kindergarten rates. Costs are based on the current year, subject to change in Fees. (Last updated July 2023.) 

Allocation  Portion of fees $  Percentage of fees %
Fees Collected  $4,385  100%
Costs to run Alternative program:


  • iTALAM (Hebrew Language/Jewish Heritage program)
  • Siddurs, Torahs, & other specialty texts
  • JS/Hebrew teaching resources, supplementary material, hands on activities 
  • Supplies for Jewish holidays and celebrations Jewish and Hebrew library resources
  • Professional development 
  • Staff to deliver the program
  • HLA literacy support
$1,540  35%
Society Administration Salaries  $585  13%
Defaultant Families  $515  12%
Other Administration Costs
  • Audit and legal fees
  • Advertising
  • Building costs
  • Insurance
  • Bank charges
  • Memberships and licences
$460  11% 
IBP Supplementation  $455  10%
Judaic Studies Coordinator  $455  10%
Literacy Support  $390  9%
Total  $4,400  100%
Deficit covered by Society $(15)  -%
Why does the Talmud Torah Society (TTS) charge fees for the K-6 Alternative program?

The Talmud Torah School is operated in partnership between the Talmud Torah Society and the Edmonton Public School Board as an alternative program. As such, the school receives funding as per the typical EPSB funding model for a 3-year rolling average of students enrolled at the start of the school year. This funding is intended to provide the comparable program that is offered throughout all EPSB schools. The alternative program we offer is supported by fees charged to families. This covers the cost to operate the Society, top-up minutes and educational costs to EPSB to deliver the alternative program, as well as support supplies and celebrations related to our alternative program.

What is an Alternative program within EPSB and what is the role of a Society (like TTS) in an alternative program?

Talmud Torah School is an Alternative program within EPSB. Section 19 of the Education Act defines alternative programs as education programs that emphasize a particular language, culture, religion, or subject matter or use a particular teaching philosophy. 

Societies affiliated with alternative schools are encouraged to provide advice and input to school administrators, central services, and EPSB on matters related to the program as a whole. Consultation can occur in both formal and informal ways, i.e. meetings, phone calls, committee involvement, involvement with interviews, etc. Areas in which EPSB and the Society may consult include: 

  • Nature, content, and intent of the program. 
  • Staffing of the program, including the appointment of principals. 
  • Other issues of significance to the entire program. 

Under section 19 of the Education Act, Societies may also charge fees related to the delivery of their alternative programs. 

Do other alternative programs charge fees?

As mentioned in both the Alberta Education Act and the Alternative program handbook, parents are to expect a cost for sending their children to an alternative program. 

As examples of other alternative programs charging fees: 

  • Victoria performing arts school charges fees for their optional programs. Depending on which art stream a child is enrolled in, there are additional costs 
  • Donnan Athletic school charges fees for their alternative sports program
    • AAD Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – $1,900.00
    • AAD Hockey – $3,800.00
    • AAD Sport Fit – $1,900.00
  • Edmonton Christian Schools charges a Christian program fee to deliver their alternative faith curriculum o $950 for kindergarten
    • $2,055 for grade 1-12 
  • LOGOS Christian schools’ Alternative faith-based program is funded through donations raised by the Edmonton Logos Society. The schools charge a nominal fee as membership to the society and the society covers the rest of the alternative program through its fundraising efforts. 
  • Meadowlark Christian School charges fees to deliver their Alternative faith-based program:
    • Kindergarten is $630
    • Grade 1-9 $1,620
  • Millwood’s Christian School charges a Millwoods Christian Society School fee in addition to any EPSB levied fees 

Given the economies of scale, for our student population and donor population it is not feasible to rely solely on community donations to fund our program. Student bodies at the aforementioned schools reach up to 1,485 students compared to our 140 students. This results in costs incurred being covered by a smaller group of people, which drives up the per-student cost.

How does EPSB support our alternative program?

Our previous Assistant Superintendent, Leona Morrison has stated: “There is no other alternative program in Edmonton Public Schools that is completely comparable to the Talmud Torah program. This said, in one other school where there is a language-based program that also has a religious component interwoven into instruction, the Society for that program also contributes funds to support staffing for specific components of the program as determined by their specific memorandum of understanding.” 

Our Memorandum of Understanding with EPSB states that the religious portion of our school program cannot be funded using public money and as such we are expected to pay for that component. At TT our religious program is largely taught through JS (Judaic Studies) and HLA (Hebrew Language Arts) studies, however, it has always been Talmud Torah’s approach to view our alternative program delivery being interwoven and integrated with other subject areas including those in the secular program in order to make meaningful connections, immerse our students in their learning and build a stronger and deeper Jewish identity.

How is Talmud Torah Society’s annual budget set for the K-6 Alternative program?

This is an annual process. Through collaborative discussions with our principal, we review the needs of the school for the upcoming school year. We first ask the principal to optimize the School’s EPSB budget. This means that an annual plan is developed where 95% of EPSB funds are allocated towards staffing, while the other 5% go towards supplies, equipment, and services (SES). For the 2022/2023 school year, due to budget cutbacks, the principal received special permission to use 96% of his budget for staffing. 

We then review the remaining needs of the school, taking a variety of factors into consideration, including additional costs for Judaic studies components (e.g. extra teaching minutes, curriculum development), Jewish holiday events and celebrations, and Hebrew and Judaic books and supplies, etc. We also consider other parental priorities for learning enhancements such as literacy and classroom makeup and size. It is important to note that, as a rule of thumb, based on EPSB funding models, it costs approximately 25 students per classroom to fund 1.0 FTE (full-time equivalent) teachers. Therefore, in situations when our classes are smaller than this, it requires top-up funding to prevent multiple joint classes. 

Are the fees optional? What if I can’t afford to pay?

Talmud Torah fees are NOT optional. The TT society has always charged a fee for students to attend school. These fees are mandatory and not discretionary. 

The Talmud Torah Society believes that no child within the Jewish community should be denied access to Jewish education due to a family’s financial needs. Through the support of the Jewish Federation of Edmonton, the Integrated Bursary Program (IBP) exists to support these families. All those who apply through the IBP are assessed based on financial need and subsidies are fairly distributed. Please see the TT Society website for further information on how to apply. 

What if I do not pay my TTS fees?

From time to time the Society experiences situations where, after repeated reminders, families that have the means to pay fail to meet the obligation of what they owe in program fees. The Edmonton Jewish community strongly values Jewish education and since the school’s founding in 1912, has recognized that without these fees we could not provide our program at TT and therefore would cease to exist. Failure to pay required fees also shifts responsibility and places an extra burden on other families to cover these costs. In order to ensure a sense of fairness, we, therefore, seek ways to ensure the collection of all funds from all families 

Talmud Torah Society HAS ActED As A Steward Of Jewish Learning In Edmonton Since 1912
“Having a pluralistic non-denominational school that ensures immersion in Jewish education and Judaic values is fundamental to the future of our community. Talmud Torah has been a pillar of our community for over 100 years. The Society ensures that the foundations of a strong Jewish identity and involvement in the greater Jewish community are in place."
-Stacey Leavitt-Wright, 
CEO Jewish Federation of Edmonton

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