TTELC Welcomes New Director & Lead Educator

By: Natalie Soroka

The Talmud Torah Early Learning Centre (TTELC) is excited to announce that the Talmud Torah Society Board has hired a new Director and Lead Educator.

Sacha Brodie, the new Director, is a level 3 certified educator with vast experience in the daycare classroom as an educator, as a supervisor/administrative staff, and most recently as a daycare Director. Sacha is passionate about early childhood education, and prides herself on open communication and team collaboration. Her role is managing the administrative side of the TTELC, which includes both the Early Learning Centre (ELC) and Out of School Care (OSC) programs, including the program’s budget, and human resources duties.

Sacha is thrilled to be working at the TTELC, stating “I can see that this is a unique, family-oriented, cultural environment with a rich history, and I look forward to being a part of it!”.

Jennie Leonard, the new Lead Educator, is also level 3 certified and has been with the TTELC for 2 years. She stepped up as interim lead educator/director during the recruitment period. Jennie has a wealth of knowledge in the early child care field from her experience in our ELC/OSC, and previous years as a supervisor in a day home agency. Jennie’s role focuses on being in each classroom daily to support the educators and children, providing mentorship and enabling staff breaks. Jennie will provide curriculum support, incorporate Hebrew and Jewish content into the curriculum (along with support from our education committee), and fill in for the Director, as required.

Jennie is excited for the opportunity to work with educators in the classrooms, commenting that “being in the classrooms is a joy, and guiding, mentoring and working as a team with our experienced educators is something I look forward to”.

Both Sacha and Jennie hit the ground running early in December as they collaborated with educators and established routines and expectations. They connected with parents, children and educators to ensure a smooth transition and continue to deliver the high quality of care, enrichment and warmth the ELC and OSC is known for.

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