Note: The fees are based on the average of first child, additional children, and Kindergarten rates. Costs are based on the current year, subject to change in Fees. (Last updated February 2nd.) 

Allocation  Portion of fees $  Percentage of fees %
Fees Collected  $4,257  100%
Costs to run Alternative program: 


iTALAM proprietary program 

Siddurs, Torahs, & other specialty texts JS/Hebrew teaching resources, supplementary material, hands on activities 

Supplies for Jewish holidays and celebrations Jewish and Hebrew library resources 

Professional development 

Additional minutes to deliver program 

HLA literacy support

$1,522  35%
Society Administration Salaries  $550  13%
Defaultant Families  $482  11%
Other Administration Costs

Audit and legal fees

● Advertising 

Building costs 


Bank charges 

Memberships and licences

$430  12% 
IBP Supplementation  $428  10%
Judaic Studies Coordinator  $428  10%
Literacy Support  $365  8%
Total  $4,205  99%
Surplus reinvested in Society 

Reinvested in building fund for future capital projects 

Strategic Initiatives

$52  1%
Talmud Torah Society HAS ActED As A Steward Of Jewish Learning In Edmonton Since 1912
“Having a pluralistic non-denominational school that ensures immersion in Jewish education and Judaic values is fundamental to the future of our community. Talmud Torah has been a pillar of our community for over 100 years. The Society ensures that the foundations of a strong Jewish identity and involvement in the greater Jewish community are in place."
-Stacey Leavitt-Wright, 
CEO Jewish Federation of Edmonton

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