Talmud Torah Society has acted as a steward of Jewish learning in Edmonton since its creation in 1912.

Since 1975, the Society has partnered with Edmonton Public Schools to deliver Judaic and secular programming at Talmud Torah School (currently grades KG to 6). In addition to the day school, the Society offers an Early Learning Centre (ages 1 to 5) and an Out of School Care program, along with ownership of the Talmud Torah School building.

The Talmud Torah Society Board is elected from the TTS Membership to lead and steward the Society on its behalf. The Board is responsible for the fiscal well-being, philosophy, policy and objectives of the Society. The Board strives to maintain the Society’s essential character and integrity and to ensure it remains viable to serve the students of today and tomorrow.


Talmud Torah Society fosters an inclusive place of learning and community rooted in Jewish history, traditions, and values.


  • To deliver a high quality foundation in a pluralistic Judaic and secular education that inspires students to achieve their personal best.
  • To build a rich environment where our students develop a strong Jewish identity and a feeling of commitment and lifelong belonging to the larger Jewish Community – Klal Yisrael.
  • To enrich Edmonton Jewish life by being an essential and foundational place of learning, community and connection for generations to come.


Jewish Identity זהות יהודית – Zehut Yehudit

The Talmud Torah Society strives to ensure that there is a place where our students can learn about and be immersed in their heritage, traditions, Hebrew language, culture, history, and religion. We inspire our students to find meaning and belonging in Jewish life and are guided by the desire to preserve and further this legacy for our community.

Educational Excellence מצוינות בחינוך – Metzuyanut Bechinuch

We believe in the importance of lifelong learning grounded in a robust academic and Judaic program. Through their studies, students develop sound character and responsible citizenship while nurturing their intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth. The Talmud Torah Society values educating each student according to their needs and abilities, and inspires students to achieve their own personal excellence in all aspects of their lives.

Community קהילהKehila

The Talmud Torah Society values the relationships that make life meaningful. We are committed to our role in creating connections within and between Talmud Torah, the Edmonton Jewish community, “Klal Yisrael – כלל ישראל” (the Jewish People), the State of Israel, and the community at large. Grounded in Jewish values and a sense of social responsibility, our students become empowered community members who strive to make a positive difference in the world, Tikkun Olam תיקון עולם .

Inclusivity הכללהHaklalah

We strive to create a “kehillah kedosha -קהילה קדושה” (sacred community), a community that genuinely cares about the people who form it, and makes room for everyone to feel welcome and participate. We are a pluralistic, non-denominational Jewish institution that welcomes, respects and values all families regardless of Jewish affiliation, financial situation, ability, gender identity and orientation, or family circumstances.

Safe Space בטחון לכולם  – Bitachon lekulam

As owner of the Talmud Torah School building and in the Talmud Torah Society’s stewardship role, Talmud Torah Society values the safe physical, emotional and spiritual space that we provide for our students.

Stewardship, Trust and Transparency ערבות הדדית  – Arevut hadadit

The Talmud Torah Society Board is entrusted with the careful and responsible management of the Society. We commit to ensure sound financial practices and decision-making that allows the organization to be passed down “mi dor l’dor – מדור לדור” (from generation to generation). The Board strives to lead in a way that builds trust through transparency and open communication with our stakeholders.